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05-09-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by horridperson
I'm not sure if there is a corelation between the cost of hiring voice talent and the escalating costs associated with producing story missions that have been cited by developers but if that's the case maybe it's worth addressing here.

I don't feel the inclusion of VAs is really conducive to immersion or contibutes greatly to a better in game experience. On the occaisions when the VAs have been less than stellar it has in my opinion been to the detriment of the experience.

I concede that many will disagree with me because text only seems antiquated but if the right words (compelling dialogue) were to flash across the bottom of your screen wouldn't it be possible to imagine what a voice saying it might sound like?

As fans of star trek most users probably have a wealth of voices stowed away in their memory. When I read what a vulcan or a klingon is saying to me I have a preconception of how it is being commuinicated. To my memory this is as it should be and debate over the quality of each individuals interpretations isn't likely to devolve into arguements and criticism on the boards. Cryptic is in turn relieved of an expense prohibitive to further production of stories and we as users could receive more content.
I guess I'm one of those people who disagree with you. Reading text is cheap (in the sense of low quality, lame, iPhone game). I clearly do not have voices in my head and I can pretend those portraits talk.

I also prefer starcraft and ******** with VA just like in any other game. Starcraft possibly has more VA than the entire wow and only costs around 50 bucks.

Catering to the different likes and dislikes is the whole idea of this thread. Those who don't need VA can spend their CPs elsewhere. Those who relish voice acting pay cash. Simple.