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05-09-2012, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by gregman_pl View Post
Yep, Fire at Will is a leftover and I was thinking about with what to replace it in the first place.
And you're right about RSP, I took it because I read somewhere it is good skill, but now that I've checked it's recharge time, I wasn't good idea after all.

What about Polarize Hull instead of Jam Sensors ? Any opinions ?
RSP is really more of a PvP skill to have; so is polarize hull tbh--I probably wouldn't get them for PvE. Eventually you'll want to get a copy (or two) of APO, which will handle up on breaking tractors and such which Borg will throw at you, but you don't really need that right now. And you don't want to be hull tanking in an Escort at all, so shields tend to take priority.