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05-09-2012, 02:00 PM
If your starting do normal, a lot of them. First you'll be able to kit your ship to all mk XI weapons and shield, engine and deflector, by the way all my old ship now have level X and higher matching kits and mk XI weapons. Normal is a good place to get EC and dilithium (which you can exchange for cryptic points). I pug normal all night and easily get 16000 + dilithium, so that way you can get some of the "cool paying stuff" for free. I do private elite mostly. But when in pug I do infected space first and KA. Cure is fun in normal but a b***h in elite if you don't have a good coordinated team with high DPS.

If you're a newbie in space I recommend Infected space. Easiest to start elite if you know the correct strategy or follow the lead of those who know how. I do KA because I know I can keep the drone to enter the gate by myself if necessary (or very few if left to my own device) and at least get the main loot but if can be really long and hard when matched up with players that shouldn't be there. I did my second KA elite in pug with a bunch of "rainbow cruisers" with pathetic dps. Was there for 4 1/2 hours but the loot was worth it for me(purple prototype), don't ask me why, maybe the game took pity on me....

I still do lots of normal. Rarely mist the optionnal and accumulating chips and rare salvage when or if the finally make the MK XII equipment availlable with these, not to count dilithium and EC.