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# 104 Well that is good, but...
05-09-2012, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by stargate525 View Post
I would disagree.

A diplomatic approach is getting someone to understand your perspective, you understanding theirs, and coming to some sort of mutual arrangement or agreement. This is why accomplished, skilled diplomats are almost never caught in a lie when they're actually at the table (rather than PR and other publicity statements). Lying is counterproductive.

It's intentionally avoiding inflammatory statements while retaining the meaning. Saying that 'I disagree' comes off as much more diplomatic and much less hurtful than 'you're wrong' even though they can sometimes mean the same thing.
Well that is good, but this is not a situation where a mutual understanding needs to occur. The situation here is you are in the "we want to play a story where our character is the hero of the story" and we are in the "we want the characters in the story to be designed for that story."

Because we produced our own story, our view point is going to prevail and it does not matter how persuasive you want to be.

There is no need for diplomacy. We are not envoys from two different countries deciding how to get along. We are two different authors telling each other what we like. And on my show, my word is final. You are welcome to come on stage and give suggestions for our stories, but unless they are of the "Kaliena is the main character in Call of Cthulhu" any statement that tries to move us in a direction to make a cookie cutter story where one size fits all, you need to be prepared to hear or read the words "NO."

This is not a diplomatic moment.