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05-09-2012, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by Evan_Kross View Post
I never complained that I can not be my character in the play. Quite the opposite in fact. I am perfectly fine playing a character that is not of my own fashioning, it is one of the things that caught my attention with this particular story. I only stated that with an on stage representation of the character that I am supposed to be portraying, it becomes confusing.

I did in fact comment on the story, saying that it needed to be further fleshed out, but that I expected future installments would accomplish this.
Your comment was a good one. We addressed the issue of Kaliena on stage in production. In the second part, when the story starts to shift points of view to other characters in the play having the actor on stage with the role-player seems to help the role players read their dialog.

On stage when we play, we have 5 people reading the parts out loud, the people seem to help the players know where to hit their marks. If you only play the story as one player, you may not see this phenomenon, but when 5 people start competing for dialog time and knowing where to stage themselves seems helpful.

In the next part when dice rolling takes on a larger importance, I think the staging will help direct the action.

I am not sure what I wrote here is on point. I have spent all afternoon writing and working out dialog sequences on the Foundry. I tend to get confused allot when responding to questions here.