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05-09-2012, 04:47 PM
As I mentioned in another thread on this topic a while back, shipboard travel could be brilliant (in my opinion) for an exploration revamp. Here's the idea:

Sector space remains as-is, but exploration locations (be they existing clusters or a whole new thing) don't exist as a sector space map. Instead, you are on your ship interior and have navigation commands like go back to sector, take us to an interesting system, etc.

Going back to sector space could possibly be instant, but a travel timer would be used for approaching interesting systems - with the twist that it could be interrupted (edit: Hopefully just paused, not reset) by shipboard missions (we've lost power to deck 5, we've been boarded, half the crew have gone crazy, etc.) and space encounters (enemy ships on approach, distress signal from friendly ship, etc.)

It would be something for the people who want bridge travel, the people who want an exploration revamp, and the people who just want more playable content. It could also tie in to the Exploration commendation category, both giving Exploration CXP and benefiting from increased Exploration tiers.

As for monetising it to make it worth Cryptic/PWE's while, how about single-use purchasable [Tkon Empire?] Starcharts giving a guaranteed shot at rarer, more rewarding missions (which could take quite a while to find without a starchart). Also, playing exploration missions could reward (tokens to purchase?) new duty officers with abilities that are mostly useful for exploration (maybe a new active roster?), and there could be C-store exploration doff packs. Maybe even a lockbox ship with hopefully-not-too-overpowered bonuses to exploration, like reduced exploration travel time.