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05-09-2012, 05:56 PM
I dont get the whole "go with turrets in the back" ... yes, they have 180 but this is kinda like saying "dont bother with torpedoes in a Cruiser" that is downright WRONG.

My conclusion is beams and a Torpedo launcher in the back on a escort do have their uses when you are turning because of continued fire on the target beyond a turret that does a joke of damage, I do not think it most circumstances the extra forward firepower helps because its still and only BoP can do that because of their turn rate.

As for your skill build ... sorry but its terrible, I do find 6 on Stealth is way too much because its not a Battlecloak and if you are not in PvP, its useless to have that much against NPCs since they are nearly blind anyway and Threat Control is downright worthless on a Escort.

Other oddities is spending 7 points, if you are not going for 9 then keep it at 6 and Power Insulators is another skill that is just PvP and arguable, also 1 point in Aux Performance? why? its a Science skill and unless you are on a M/VAE its nothing you are going to even use much and even the M/VAE does not run with high Aux, points would be better spend on Weapons Per, I would even ditch Armor Reinforcements if I can use the points on other more useful skills.