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05-09-2012, 06:32 PM
wow you guys are calling nerf but yet dont know whats really going on? get a clue........the skill that boost eps used to help stop power drain. it no longer is. this is working as intended. and the oddy never was crippled. maybe l2p? epts1 x2 eptw 2 skilled to 6 points. other night i had the whole team shooting at me. a good premade at that. my oddy tanked and my wep power never went below 100. remember its a tank not a dps ship. build for healing mostly and to put out semi ok dps. if your looking for these big ships to put out fire power like an escourt then go to an escourt. this is why you should always be an engy in a large ship. engy class has 2 great. skills like eps and nadion inversion. the doff that boost batts is always good. i use red matter and wep bat. for healing i swap a config and go full aux. really dont need to tho. my oddy is always mostly at 125 in every system. if anything this needs a nerf.

Warp Core Engineer doff procs way too much i think as well.