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Originally Posted by meisterbabylon View Post
And what's the settings for it? I've been running with TNG movie uniforms and whatever looked cool for a while now, but I'm thinking of getting a proper uniform tailored for my crew and I.
If you want to be completely technical, there is none, as the game's backstory says that Starfleet now allows multiple uniform variants. I can only assume this is to allow player customization, otherwise the game would feel... well... uniform. :p


If you go by most of the promotional art (For example, the banner at the top of the forums, or the stuff in videos, the homepage, etc) and the uniforms seen in the official Star Trek 2009 "countdown" prequel comic, then the uniform that seems most appropriate as the "official" variant for officers is "Sierra 1" in the tailor.

Blackavaar's guide to canon colours is a good resource for the appropriate colour schemes, and one I refer to almost every time I'm at the tailor. It's even been permanently pinned to the top of the Academy sub-forum by the devs.

I hope this helps.