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05-09-2012, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by diotw
I'm planning on getting the Defiant retrofit when my character hits Admiral, and I'd really like to get the Belfast bridge for it. I was just wondering if this bridge was only available as part of the DS9 bundle pack, or whether it could be purchased separately. I can't really see myself using the Vedek costumes, or the Bajoran weapons. Basically, I'd be buying the pack for the DS9 Admiral's uniform, and the Belfast Bridge. Possibly the Chaffee as well, depending on whether it's a better option than the Danube class Runabout.
It is only part of the bundle.

I haven't even looked at the Vedek robes.

I gave the weapons to a couple of my Bajoran Boffs. I wish I could put the robes on them, but I didn't see them as an option. Maybe they are in the off duty tab?

The Doffs were the hidden gem. I use them every day on some mission or another. I even slot them sometimes.

I basically got the Doffs, the bridge, a non-combat pet, and the admirals uniform.

I haven't even flown my Chaffee... Glad I have it because I collect shuttles, but I never actually got it out of the shuttle bay. It's basically a +1 Type-8. It's +1 is emergency power to engines... maybe we should start calling it +.1

Edit: It also has +1500 hull and console slots, but turns slower. So it is better then a Type-8, but the Danube still beats it, IMO. Danube has +500 hull over that, the better turn of the Type-8, and a tractor beam.

I'd like the bridge a lot more if my ready room door didn't open and close over and over and over and over and over...