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05-10-2012, 01:08 AM
What people actually need to realize is, that elite's are not hard. atleast not the space ones. Infected can*t be failed and if everyone got the idea of leaveing the generators at 10% and killing them simultaniously the optional is also no problem to acheave.
Cure is a little harder, because you need much more DPS to get the optional and save the kang.

So my advice, and this has been said many times before:

1.) switch on your team chat!
2.) search for tactics on the internet
3.) search for an usable and good built for your ship and skilltree

if you got all 3 right, you should perform fine for elite...if you don't agree to those 3 points stick with normal or no stf's at all.

If you disabled chat during a group mission, than maybe an MMO is really not the right game for you