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# 68 OH dear!
05-10-2012, 02:57 AM
I aswell disagree with Cryptics choices for Elite stf drop rates, and just what drops in general. i have completed many many STF's and got the optional objective for ground Elites many times and every damn time it drops crap random crap wich if your doing elite is garenteed to be worse than what you are whereing by tenfold(minimum). there is no drop rate for tech at all in the optional loot, not very fare for the teams who completely put their backs into it to get the optional. Rarely do you get rare or prototype salvage in the optional loot. and as others have said so many billions of times the only way to get a prototype tech is the extremely small drop rate, now im not all that angered about the drop rate but honestly i have one set of XI Honor gaurd and one set of XI Omega and then i have five extra rare weapon techs. all ive needed for a long time now is one prototype wepon i cannot express enough in polite laguage how...incovenient it is that you cant obtain prototype tech from any other means...if it was onehundred chips per piece i would have it, if it was turn in five rares for a prototype again i would have gotten the whole set long ago, and still if i had to turn in bolth onehundred chips and five rare techs i would have it. so..please for the typically unlucky ones who have played many stf's and suffered the pathetic drop rate allow there to be some other way or atleast up the chance by 0.0001% per time you run the stf(oh ya btw i would have got a whole set this way too). how could you sit there and act like its not still a massive problem for some of the players...i mean honestly with drop rates so very low there's a real chance someone out there will never get a prototype tech...and an even bigger chance that this person will leave the game. and well it...just bothers me I dont know why other games do this better than you or why other games can suck and still keep more customers than you and why Crypic is the one in charge of star trek online in the first place...*Mertough rests his face in bolth palms due to Cryptic what a shame*