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03-18-2009, 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by tom_riker01 View Post
I have to admit, it's really too bad they showed a battle between Federation and Borg vessels in the trailer. If they had omitted the borg from the trailer in favor of Klingon/Federation battles, fed us this commentary and then shortly after game release, snuck a borg cube into the game to scare some poor unsuspecting player captain plum out of his mind...THAT would have been truely forboding.

As it is, thanks to the trailer, we all know the Borg are coming...they may already be here when we start playing.

It would have been much cooler to have a surprise visit from the Borg a while after game release. Give the players a chance to explore the galaxy, buildup resources, become familiar with the game and its mechanics and then have a colony or two vanish off the face of a world, sparking the tell-tale sign of impending disaster.
Well, then again, it is kind of unnerving to know simply that they definitely are coming; we just don't know when or where. You could still be on a mission to transport an ambassador or something when all of a sudden a transwarp corridor opens up on top of you and a Cube starts tearing you apart.