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# 26 "Grimsey Build"
05-10-2012, 09:57 AM
It should be noted that Grimsey is a tactical officer. "The Blackmoor" is a Intrepid and perhaps one of the most versatile ships available. While most people go for the targeting subsystems I chose to turn this sci vessel into a TORPEDO boat.

Breen Set [+30 on Transphasic Damage]

Forward Weapons:
Mk XI [Blue] Harpeng Torpedo
Breen Cluster Bomb
Mk XI [Purple] Crit D X3 Transphasic Torpedo

Aft Weapons:
Mk XI [Blue Harpeng Torpedo or a Mk XI [Blue] Hybrid Plasma Disruptor Beam Array
Mk XI Rapid Relaod Transphasic Torpedo
Mk XII Transphasic Mines Crit D, Crit H, Acc [BORG}

Red Matter Capacitor
Rechargable Battery
Sub-Space Field Modulator

Enhanced Plasma Manifold
Impulse Capicatance Cell
Mk XII [Purple] Countermeasures System
Anti-matter Spread
Mk XI [Blue}Field Generator +18% Capicaty to Shields
Theta Radiation Vent
Rule 62 Combat Multi Purpose Console [Ferengi] +11% to Mine And Torpedo Damage
[2] Mk XII {Purple} Transphasic Compressor +30

Crew: All 5 BO's are Efficient

2 Purple Doff- Conn Officer
2 Purple Doff- System Engineer
1 purple Doff- Technician

Now then some of you are wondering why 2 copies of the Harpeng. This is because the secondary explosion crushes pets near a carrier fed or klink. Using Photonic Officer and Tactical Initative and a DOFF ability I can get the Harpengs to fire virtually every 5 seconds. This ship allows me to Jam Sensors, fire Viral Matrix 3, use evasive manuvers to get in close PSW and CHB before torps arrive. Then once the torps hit I usually scramble sensors to take opponent's heals. Then I use the theta radiation console on them and tractor beam them in place and employ the Power Siphon ability of the Breen Set. By this time one of my team's escorts has noticed and comes in with a burst of DPS firepower to finish the opponent. This ship is just fast enough to move out of enemie's arc and able to stall opponents. One on one she can handle herself to make it at worst a draw or win out right albeit a long battle. Most people forget this IS a support ship and not a fronline fighter. Although with the right Bridge officer Skills this ship can tank fairly easy. This vessel is easily one one the most dasngerous ships out there.

Note: One variation is to use Anti-proton Beams with the Old Borg Set with the secondary tractor beam with the Assimilated Module repalcing the Anti Matter console.