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05-10-2012, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
No, I did not read the entire thing through before responding. My taco meat filling has trouble processing and remembering that much text all at once, so I took it in bite sized chunks and replied in line as I read. That doesn't make my reply any less accurate.

1) This is still a TON of new tech, that we don't have.
2) I'm not a business dude, but I know how that works well enough to say, "If we spent the rather sizable amount of time and money and manpower to make this happen, what benefit do we get from it? Are more people going to play our game because of this? Are more people going to subscribe because of this? etc.

The base idea, of a galactic map UI that you pick your destination from, and a counter counts down, and when finished, lets you leave your bridge, to that spot, is reasonable in my view.

Having systems and planets fly past you in real time, through the view screen is not.
I didn't quite mean having the systems fly past, but the graphics effects you notice around your ship (warp streaks, transwarp particles, et cetera et cetera et cetera) and possibly even some of the more exotic views such as the Mutara Nebula (if that has its own view) or Badlands appear properly in it.

Also, note that my idea mostly came from reading your earlier reply and being on the Odyssey bridge, which means that it's possible that more people will buy the more exotic bridges such as the Odyssey or Belfast (ik both aren't bridge-only stuff and come with something else, but...) and I apologize for not mentioning that earlier (thought about that during school too xD)

Edit: Also, yes, I forgot about that maintenance... too bad I didn't read your reply on that.