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05-10-2012, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Angelus214 View Post
Yeah i did but really not sure how to read it. Do i go by out DPS or out DMG or TDPS or do i break it down further and go by Sum Mag, Avg Mag, MPS. Its very confusing
You can look at any of those numbers, because higher is better. However, ideally, you'll probably want to ignore Out DMG, because that is not going to help you figure out DPS (unless you want to figure it out yourself). I've only seen a light difference in DPS and TDPS. The other information will probably give you a good idea which skill and weapons are producing more damage and DPS.

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron
I dont get the whole "go with turrets in the back" ... yes, they have 180 but this is kinda like saying "dont bother with torpedoes in a Cruiser" that is downright WRONG.
Turrets have a 360 degree firing arc. Meaning, it is always firing on your target, no matter which direction you are facing.

Beams are 270 degrees. There's a 90 degree arc on your fore and aft that you will not be firing all of your weapons.