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05-10-2012, 10:58 AM
I agree with many posts above stating that rear turrets are the way to go. However, torpedoes are also important in STF's because Borg have a huge hull to shield ratio. Energy weapons are good shield cutters, but when your target is only 10% shields + 90% hull, the absence of torpedoes becomes quite noticeable. I normally use 2 quantum torpedoes mounted forward, or 1 fore + 1 aft if I want more long range combat options (dancing in/out at 10km). Torps also score full damage at any range, while energy weapons require close distances for optimum damage.

Another issue are the OP's chosen weapons: Base Mk XI purples, none using [Borg] 7500 radiation bonus damage at 7.5% proc rate, translating to an extra +562 average damage per hit. Given the latter, the Sau Paulo Quad Phasers are less effective than Mk XI [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg] DC's and DHC's.