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05-10-2012, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by arsenalrich View Post
I'm running Defiant refit am and using Quad cannons, 2x DHC's and a Quantum Torp fore with 3 x Turrets in rear. This I believe (from reading other threads) is optimum loadout for this ship as allows plenty of shield damage and a nasty punch to the hull with the Torp.
I dont PvP very much so this could all be crap but seems to work when I do.
Hope this helps.
You might experiment with moving the Torp to the rear in place of a turret and using another DHC. When you're done with the strafing run hit evasive maneuvers to pull around sharply and unload with the torp.

Seems to work pretty well for me in PvE, though I haven't tried this loadout in PvP yet. Definitely gives better overall damage than the turret though.