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05-10-2012, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by FlipORican View Post
1. STNG Episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" main officer & crewman uniforms.
2. STNG First Season 'collar-less' uniform circa 2364
3. STNG Episode "Conspiracy" Admiral uniform circa 2364
4. STNG First Season 'Skant-style,' short-sleeved one piece skirt.
5. STNG - Guinan outfits & hats for female characters
6. STNG TV Dress uniform
7. STNG Film Dress uniform
8. ST: The Motion Picture - Excursion jacket
9. ST II: The Wrath Of Khan - Excursion coat
10. ST II: The Wrath Of Khan - Engineering suit
11. ST III: The Search For Spock - Bomber jacket
12. ST Enterprise First Season Excursion jackets
13. ST Enterprise Episodes 'Desert Crossing" & "Kir'Shara" Excursion Desert uniform
14. ST Enterprise First Season NX-01 baseball cap
15. ST Enterprise Admiral uniform
16. ST Enterprise Environmental suit variations (Standard & M.A.C.O.)
17. ST Enterprise M.A.C.O. combat dress uniform
18. ST Enterprise Andorian Imperial Guard uniform
19. ST Voyager Episode "Drive" - Flight suit
20. ST Voyager Episodes "Future's End" & "Relativity" - 29th Century uniform
21. ST DS9 Episode "Shadows and Symbols" - Desert robes
22. ST Original Pilot/Episode "The Cage" Excursion jacket
23. Vulcan-style robe variations (as seen on all series and movies)
24. Off-Duty Dress - Talaxian style clothing
25. Protective eyewear
I LOVE all of these suggestions, with particular interest in the following:

4, 8, 9, and 22

Great job on the list - as you can tell, I love the jackets! Hope we see some of these in-game soon!