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05-10-2012, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by kronos1996
Im not sure if it was a glitch or if anyone even noticed but the Atrox can load Dual Cannons! i tried it one day because i do stupid things and it worked! i have 3 RCS consoles and 90 engine power and 2 dual cannons So i fly it as an escort because i always flew escorts till the Atrox it was just soooo pretty i had to have it! The LCMDR engineering and all of the Science Boff stations make this ship formidable, in PVP it takes 3 players to take down one! I went against another guy in an Atrox so it was Atrox vs. Atrox and we fought for like 10 min. and nobody won because this ship can take a hell of a beating and survive. So take into consideration that it CAN equip dual cannons and the VoQuv cannot, personally i hate beams they take forever to mow down an opponant and the target subsytem abilities are useless against the Borg in STF's or PVP so i never even use them. I would like more TAC. stations but oh well! The 20% bonus shields are very nice especially if you are used to an escort -10% shields. That in combination with its 40,000 hull (the Oddysey has 42,500) and all of its SCI and ENG stations probable make it the best survivability ship in the entire FED faction! And being able to use my mk XII antiproton dual heavy cannons to mow down cubes is a nice bonus!
VoQuv can equip cannons, dual cannons, and dual heavy cannons too (or quad, had Klinks have access to it). Those carriers are science ships, not cruisers. Working as intended. Not a glitch.