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05-10-2012, 12:38 PM
Just going to go ahead and throw this out there. Cryptic claims the have increased the drop rate for both gold lockboxes and prototype tech. I believe they are lying. Not misinformed, not mistaken, flat out lying. Once again we come to personal experience being hyperbolic, and once again we have no other yardstick to measure by because Cryptic lives in terror of telling people their odds and formulae for fear of being found out how clunky and broken it is.

I have run, since April 29th, around seventy Elite STFs that I'm sure of, and that is a very, very conservative estimate. Since I'm still on leave, I don't have much to fill my time with. In that time, I have gotten not a single piece of prototype anything tech except generic. While that does seem to drop once every fifteenth or twentieth run, I have never seen a piece of any of the required tech for armor, shield, or engine. Ground STFs are so broken and poorly executed that I stopped doing them altogether before the last patch, so I can't really say much about that.

Point; Cryptic said they increased the prototype tech drop, but in true Cryptic fashion, they issued that announcement deceptively. They evidently REMOVED the specific prototype tech and increased the generic drop rate. This is my conjecture of course.

What is so damaging or frightening to Cryptic about just being honest about something for once.

So a suggestion. Either reintroduce a correct drop rate, or start providing an alternative method of gaining the only objective reward this game offers. I realize Cryptic lives in terror of people completing their load out in MkXII for some arcane reason that only makes sense to them, but it's gotten to a point where they are once again and also in historical Cryptic fashion, cutting their noses off to spite their faces. If you're afraid people are going to suddenly stop playing because they have a complete set of something, you are wrong. There is always another toon and another ship.