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05-10-2012, 01:54 PM
Then entire mechanic of how stfs are done on this game is now invalid. I doubt it will recover. F2P regardless of what people want to think or wish was true has inundated the game in a population that couldn't give less of a **** about anything but how pretty the lights are. I have reached a point where I stop giving my blurb at the beginning of STF's because the PuGGers are either unable to read english or don't have their team chat on.

Does this game have anything else going for it aside from these ruined STF's at endgame? I read something about how the devs are trying to push the burden of creating content onto players and telling them 'it's your fault there isn't new content. That's what we made the Foundry for, now gtfo while I count this money we made off your nephew when he stole your aunt's credit card'. Doesn't fill me with much hope.

DStahl said he's doubled the amount of people working on the creative team for this game, but that doesn't add up. If they magically have double the amount of people working on it, why is the game in worse objective shape with every patch?