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# 292 Happy Annivesary!
05-10-2012, 03:23 PM
Hey! I just realized my STO Ship Power Calculator has been around for (just over) two years.

I just took a trip down memory lane and re-read this thread. That was neat! Some fun facts:
My original post, and the calc itself, were put up May 6, 2010. There wasn't much to that first post, it wasn't really a guide or anything (I kept it here, if you care to see.).

The first Calc didn't include KDF ships (I didn't have a KDF character at the time, didn't know there was anything different about their ships). I should try to find the first version on my home computer and post it so we can point and laugh at it. lol

It took seven months and 145 posts before I got stickied. That was (and still is) quite an honor.

I've been updating the Calc ever since.
Good times, good times... Thanks everyone!