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05-10-2012, 10:40 PM
Sorry for responding earlier @lokkenjp. Been busy at work and not in the mode to play STO after I get home.

But I'm sorry to have to say your are wrong. This is something that I have tested extensively since game launch. The correct answer of your original post is 1). 125 is the cap when it comes to power. There are no hidden reserves.

Just for you I've rested on on Tribble which is ccurrently the same build as on Holodeck. To controll all variables, I dumped anything which enhanced my Power Transfer Rate. No Electo-Plasma Systems Captain skill. No RCS consoles. No bonuses due to equipment. Although I do admit a +10% bonus I can't account for ATM.

Testing scenarior was weapon power at 100 with a bit more +25 power setting bonuses. This firmly put my Weapon Power at 125. I used 3 Mark X Phaser Beam Arrays set to autofire. Target was a True Way Galor Class ship.

First test WP at 125. 3 Beams is (f0 (free) -10 -10 = -20 maximum weapon power drain). WP at max bottom out should be 125 - 20 = 105. Testing showed Weapon Power bottoming out at maximum of precisely 105 which is equal to the theoretical value.

Send test was same setup as the first. Except Emergency Power to Weapons 1 (EPtW 1)is used. EPtW 1 for my character during testing yielded +16 Weapon Power for the 30 seconds. So theoretical WP is 125 + 16 = 141. So according to you my WP should never dip below 121. During testing of 3 Phasers on auto fire. My WP bottomed out at...105. That is precisely the expected value with WP at a hard cap of 125.

Test 3 and 4 similar to test 1 and 2 except 6 Beam Arrays are used. So max power drain is 0 + 5 * -10 = -50. So weapon power should bottom out at 125 - 50 =75 w/o enhancement.

Test 3 was no EPtW I. WP bottomed during testing at 75 which precisely matches the predicted value.

Test 4 with EPtW 1 running +16 power. WP is theorically at 141. Theoretical bottom out of 91. Testing shows that WP bottoms out at 75. Which is precisely the what is should be with a WP hard cap of 125.

All this testing shows is that Maximum useable and effective power for any subystem is 125. It's a hard cap which Nothing can cause it to be exceeded.