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05-11-2012, 01:13 AM
Thanks for the answer.

Oddly enough, your test setup seems pretty much like mine, but with completely different results, albeit I used Borg cubes on Sector space encounters as target on GO sector, for their relatively high health pool and lack of punch so I can test throughly. And tested on Holodeck server (before yesterday patch, but I can repeat easily today with newest patch).

This is my test setup: I have 121 base Weapon power on my Sovereign.
I think it is distributed like this: 100 base setting + 5 for cruiser + 9.x from Weapons Performance Skill +4.x from Warp Core Potential Skill + 3.2 from a Plasma Manifold Mk XI console (using as substitute of the borg console, thus avoiding getting near the cap).
Starship Electro Plasma Systems skill at 6, and no EPS consoles or any other EPS enhacements I'm aware of.
First test was with Borg Set Shield, (no Weapon Power Bonus).

Base test is 6 Antiproton Mk XI-XII beams on autofire, draining the expected 50 WP, down to 71.

Immediately after that, after finishing one cube, I moved to another one, and repeated the test, this time using EPW1. Test consistently resulted in Weapons Power never going below the 87 threshold during 30 seconds. Repeated twice more times for the same result.

Then I repeated the test using EPS Power Transfer Skill instead EPW1. Consistently with my previous test, power never dipped below 96, (well, I recall seeing 94 once, which is odd and I cannot explain, but it is a pretty small difference).

Also, I double checked it, using this time Standard Issue Phaser Beam Arrays (or were they Mk1?. low damage though, so I can hold a much longer test against the cube). Same result as with Antiprotons.

Finally, I repeated the test again, using MACO Space set shields and waiting for max power buff stack before firing beams, with Borg Console, and two Plasma Manifold consoles (power displayed was 125, theoretical value should be around 139-140).
Popped EPW1 *and* EPS Power Transfer Skill. Weapons Power displayed still 125, but theoretically maximum power could reach up to 182 (140 + 16 + 26). Firing 6 beams resulted in the Weapons Power never moving below 125 during the test (well, I think the cube was destroyed way before the 30 seconds skills finished, though).

I'm ignoring the Power Transfer Rate bonus of EPS Power Transfer Skill, as I'm pretty sure it does have almost no impact in the test.

It would be very nice if a Dev poster could explain us what's going on here...
How can our tests render such different results? I'm pretty sure I didn't make anything 'weird' during the test... pretty straightforward.


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