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05-11-2012, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by teklionbenrasha
It's not true multiplayer in that only one computer is used, but essentially next week I'm setting up STO on a big screen in a lecture hall, using multiple keyboards, joystick etc to half-recreate the 'bridge feel'. We're going to have one person on helm/tactical (joystick and keyboard for steering and weapons), one person on ops (shield redistribution and non-weapon skills) and a captain, who will have the main computer so he can take over any role if required, as well as having two hands to communicate in STFs etc without getting distracted by skills etc.

Will post/link photos so you can see what it looks like! Should be good fun anyone done anything like this before?
Yes, at a LAN party. We used an HDMI cable and plugged it into a Hi-Definition 50” flat screen TV. We then used a keyboard for Engineering skills, power distribution and Shield re-distribution along with some science skills. This guy was busy keeping the ship alive.

The Helmsmen had control over flight speed and maneuvering abilities on a joystick. Mainly Evasive Maneuvers and Impulse Burst console.

On a game Pad, our tactical Officer had control over firing weapons and a few weapon buffs. Mainly, this person’s job was to fire the weapons and use abilities at the correct times in order to do the best damage possible to a target.

The Captain, tried to coordinate efforts and call out targets of opportunity. The Captain had control over moving the camera and selecting targets. It was a busy job for her but a simple enough job in helping to also coordinate things!

The most important thing to remember is, DO NOT USE ABILITIES from one station to another that share cool-down timers. It will cause arguments! For example, the Tactical Officer should not be allowed to control EPTW! Let the Captain ask the Engineer for more weapons power when needed.