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05-11-2012, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Good times, good times... Thanks everyone!
Thanks for making this, and for keeping it updated.
It's been very helpful.

I've been using a slightly tweaked version that includes extra power from Emergency Power to Shields and the Plasmonic Leech console (both of which are hard to predict as they're affected by gear and skillpoints...) plus the buffs from the KHG engine and two-piece KHG set bonus. It's been invaluable in letting me see where I should put extra subsystem "performance" skillpoints for maximum benefit on my Klingon Sci officer.

Can I offer a slight correction to the power bonuses for the Klingon Guramba Siege Destroyer?

In "Normal" mode they should be:
Weapons: 10, Shields: 0, Engines: 5, Aux: 0

In "Siege" mode (which adds 10 Weapons + 5 Shields but subtracts 10 Engine Power) they should be:
Weapons: 20, Shields: 5, Engines: -5, Aux: 0