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05-11-2012, 11:02 AM
The way I see it he's not actually saying have our ships visible in sector space whilst the timer counts down. But simply have your ship disappear from the map like it would normally when you swap to the bridge map. Then when the timers up prompt asking if you want to return to the "tactical view" or whatever it's called and spawn at the entry point for that sector block. So if I wanted to I'd warp to Sirrus sector block, go to my bridge and plot in a course for Psi Velorum sector block and watch the timer tick down. Nothing to hard in that, it's just a delayed spawn time based on the average time it would take to travel around sectors. Swapping maps to different decks wouldn't be problematic either as it would just be like DOFF assignments ticking down on the timer.

Honestly, whats hard about that?