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05-11-2012, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
Apologies for the delay in fixing some of these issues. We had an issue with my having moved to a later branch, and not being able to edit the live map to fix these.

I have fixed these (what I can anyway), and the fixes should be available when Season 6 launches.

The missing doors are necessary because moving doors don't work in the foundry (as you can see with the glass doors to the conference rooms).

As such, the glass doors have ALSO been removed. It's unfortunate, but necessary until we can get a code fix to allow them.

The Thundercougarfalconbird (a.k.a. holo-ship monstrosity) has been replaced by a single Nova class.

I've added the UPS sky file (stars, mars, etc.) to the Foundry, so it can be used for this map. Sorry about that, it's my first time setting things up for the foundry and I didn't realize I had to go through more hoops to get it in there.

Anyway, again, sorry for the delay, but fixes should be coming in S6.
Any chance the turbolifts will be made functional anytime soon. It's a really awesome map you've made and would love to beable to expand it to a larger facility in a mission.