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05-11-2012, 10:16 AM
Power Transfer Rate does have some impact on Weapon Power drain. I initially thought as you did. But a lot of player's insistence that PTR does matter made me actually test that assumption.

I did a lot of testing on that issue. If a systems' power is above/below it's current maximum the power level will rise/fall at the PTR. The power transfer happens independent of Weapon Power drain mechanics.

PTR's effect on Weapon Power during combat is greatly attenuated due WP drain being restored instantly. But PTR will seek to restore power during the energy weapons firing cycle. The results of my PTR testing showing a small but noticeable effect. My results around around +5 Weapon Power for a decent amount of PTR rough +50-60%. Anything more even, even past +600%) didn't really significantly affect the net result.

Tesing 6-8 weapon may be more difficult to the UI lag and the display. It's not as fast or precise as I would for really good testing. I would suggest trying it with 3 weapons on auto-fire. My testing method as to have 3 beams fore and aft. And to keep my front or rear pointed at the target.

With only 3 beams firing, the Power Display is a lot less busy. It's must easier to spot when WP bottoms out. Using only 2 beams would be best. But I found some players dismissed the results. With 6 beams firing, Spotting the bottom out point required many volleys for me to spot it, and then to verify that was truly the bottom out point. The bottom out point for 6 beams doesn't last long.