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05-11-2012, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by voicesinthedark View Post
I've seen a lot of posts talking about how people would love the entire map to be one seamless map without having loading between sector blocks. While I also wish this was possible, we have been told it isn't.

So I was thinking instead of trying to create one giant open map, why not just revamp the map we have? One of the major annoyances of the map is when you're trying to auto pilot to different sector blocks. For example trying to go from ESD to Beta Ursae block the Auto pilot will drag your ship along the boarder and often times stop multiple times asking if you are ready to warp the the Delta Volanis Cluster. Also as another example trying to go from ESD to Psi Valorum via The Regulus Block auto pilot first tries to take you to the middle of the Sirius Block to warp to the Regulus Block.

You should be able to auto pilot straight across the Vulcan Sector to the Argelius Sector or in the case of my other example in a navigation path close to the boarder, but one that will clearly take you to the correct boarder section and the correct time. Correcting the Navigational paths throughout the map would be a huge improvement in itself and I think once that's done people really won't mind the small load screens between sector blocks.

I would really like some other players to comment on if they think the navigational paths being revamped would be enough of a change to the galaxy map that it would be something you would like to see happen.
I think that such a change would be welcomed.

Personally, with regards to the map, Iíd like to see every sector flushed out a lot more with a lot more to do in each.

The Vulcan and Andorian systems are highly under-utilized! It would be really neat to give these two systems more of purpose in the game!

An Idea I had for the Vulcan System would be to attend a school on the planetís surface where you would have the option to complete a series of mini-games to test your logical deduction to ultimately earn a separate Logical Passive Trait.

Another cool social thing that could be done on the Vulcan Planetís surface would be hand to hand combat or martial arts using melee weapons.
Anyway, I could go on with such ideas for days.