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05-11-2012, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Cusashorn
They're planning on introducing some new content surrounding a group of Augments who followed Khan's teachings for the next major game update, but I do hope they continue with normal missions that will expand on the Undine, and more importantly, the mystery behind the Iconians.
Um..really? Where did you see a Dev post saying they were coming out with any storyline missions in Season 6, much less the one you speak of?

I found this:
For now the team is entirely focused on Season 6 which includes a new Fleet Advancement system, Fleet owned Starbases, new 5 and 20 man Fleet Actions, updated PVP, and some Foundry additions. Once Season 6 is released, we can start talking about the next Storyline missions.

and this:
For Season 6, we will be adding new Space and Ground 5-captain repeatable missions similar to STFs, however they will be accessed differently than the current queues. Two of them will be accessed through slots on the event timer, and another two will be accessed similar to Red Alerts that can pop up at random times. As far as the specific STF “Children of Khan”, it is not on our current schedule and has been postponed until a future, yet to be determined, update.

and this:
Q: Are we ever going to see more missions that continue the main story line? Not even FE, just an installment of episodes that picks up where the last undine mission left off?

Dstahl: Yes of course, but not until sometime after our next major update (Season 6).

and this:
Most of the new missions coming in Season 6 are slated for groups of max level Captains where you will face difficult challenges. Some of the names of these missions are “No Win Scenario”, “Colony Rescue”, and “3v3 PvP”. As far as story specific missions, you can look forward more progress on the storyline sometime after this next major release.

and this:
There aren’t any story STFs in Season 6. For the next major update we will be introducing new challenging 5 and 20 max level captain sorties that are designed to be challenging space and ground combat missions. These mission will be similar to the Borg Red Alerts or the Mirror Universe events that are currently in game.

Could you Please provide a link confirming a Dev response speaking of the new content you mentioned, sir.
I would love it if that's what they are planning to do.