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05-11-2012, 12:55 PM
My current Setup - thoughts?

Forward Weapons
Disruptor Cannon x2
Disruptor Dual Heavy (I may try out 2 or even 3 heavies and see how I like it)
Quantum Torp

Rear Weapons
Galor Sprial Disruptor/Phaser Array x3
Quantum Mines

Def - Borg
Engine - Borg
Shield - Reman - mostly for the cool look it gives the ship.

Eng Slot x3 - Neutronium Alloy , Graviton Pulse Generator, Borg
Sci Slot x3 - Battle Mod 3000, Theta Vent, Field Generator
Tac slot x3 - 2 Disruptor Induction Coil , 1 Zero Point Quantum Chamber

Cmd ENG - EPS1, Extend Shields 1, Eng Team 3, Aux SIF 3
Lt Cmd Tac - TS1, Mine Net, Scatter Valley 2
Lt Eng - Eng Team 2, Boarding Party/EPS 2
Lt Sci - HE 1, TS 2
Ens Tac - FAW 1

I fly in tag the target with the Graiton Pulse and unload with Scatter and Torpedo Spread on a slowed target(s). When Shields go down I launch Swarm Missels. On my why past I drop a nice Mine Net, Theta Radiation, and finish it off with FAW.

Now that I am past the target, I turn off battle mode and EMP pulse anything that tried to follow me. Now I a have become a threat and turtle up with my heals, or I head to a teammate that needs help and help them out. Once I have my alpha back up, which is the Scatter volley and Torp Spread, its time to find another target.

Fantastic build to destroy a lot carriers pets and deal a lot of front arc damage to the carrier. Lots of stay the hell off my aft as well. Dropping Quantum mines is a huge DPS boast for this build over using a torp in the back.