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05-11-2012, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
It's 4km from each other. That said... yes, the range may need adjustment. Try it out and let me know!
Tested this against a Borg sphere (Since I know Borg spheres have Emergency power to Engines)

The Shuttles only launch one tractor beam at a time. Correct.
The Shuttle Tractor Beam doesn't hold it if it EptE's. Correct. It might slow it a little, but doesn't hold it.
The Tractor Beams can be chaind? Negative from what I witnessed. They will fire it swiftly but there is a gap between each fireing with the gap being reduced by the amount of Danubes you have. This was of course tested with Advanced Danubes. Noticed Sphere Stoping only when etiher a Phaser engine Proc might hit it, or a Chronoton Proc would reduce it's speed.

I did also notice a little unexplainable Lag happening while I was testing this in Ker'rat but I can't be sure if it was related to the testing, or if some other unknown factor happened.