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05-11-2012, 05:28 PM
Testing with another player. In an Escort.

They could on inital launch for maybe 1 second stack 2 Tractor beams but then one tractor beam shuts off leaving only 1 Tractor Beam.

EpTE, Aux to Damp, Attack Pattern O, and Polarized hull Works fine.

You'll only ever really, with random moments, have 1 Tractor beam. How ever the phaser Procs from Multiple Danubes and the Chronoprocs from the Torps they spam can also be problematic.

Sci check:
Sci ship moves slightly faster under Tractor Beam then the Escort. So the Shuttles Tractor Beam size differences seem to be working so far.

A Note while testing, was that if the shuttles get pushed away either During or after a Tractor Beam Cycle, (This seemed only noticable from Tractor Beam Repulsors) they ahve a good chance to Double Tractor Beam. The chances are greater with more Shuttles Deployed.

Cruiser check:
Tractor Beam was again differnt in slow vs the Sci ship and the Escort. How ever it took 3 Chronoton Procs + Tractor Beam to completely Stop a Cruiser.

Multiple Carrier check:
Out side of the random chance of 2 Stacked Tractor Beams. Multiple Carriers Launching Danubes vs the same target will never allow for more then 1 Tractor Beam among them regardless to who's pets are whom. For example: 2 Carrers Launch Danubes, One set activates tractor beams, the other 3 go into an unspecified cooldown, then begin a cycle between them with a cool down between to only ever allow 1 Tractor beam.

There's all my information based on what I saw and what we experienced. Really the only thing that probobly needs examination is the Chronoton Procs from Chronoton Torpedoes. (Not just for the Danubes, but from all Chronoton Torps)