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05-11-2012, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Cusashorn
The Children of Khan thing. I'm talking about the group of augments who follow Khan's teachings. Their leader escaped from Prison 4028 during the riot... as well as the Romulan commander that you capture during the Romulan story arc.
lol...I know what you're talking about...

I asked for a link where a Developer posted they were going to do what you said, which was:
"They're planning on introducing some new content surrounding a group of Augments who followed Khan's teachings for the next major game update"

Especially since the interview with the Executive Producer said very recently about Season 6:
"As far as the specific STF “Children of Khan”, it is not on our current schedule and has been postponed until a future, yet to be determined, update."

I guess I just wondered where you saw something to the contrary to what the EP said.