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05-11-2012, 07:29 PM
For the newcomers who may miss in the 13pages

Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
There is already quite a bit of trying of trying to read between the lines here with my original post, and really we should try to stay away from that.

If I say something that isn't very clear just ask. I'm watching the thread if I can give you a better answer I will.

For instance. as to the question about no more KDF vs FED pvp.

There will not be KDF vs FED only queues.
There will not be FED vs FED only queues.
There will not be KDF vs KDF only queues.

There will just be... PVP queues, period.

Making PVP profitable isn't really a consideration at the moment either. You shouldn't get all that wrapped up in how we do or don't make money on something. PVP is just like any other type of content we make. We just want you to log in and play the game. If we can get PVP to a place where lots of people want to log in and do it then it becomes profitable.

There also seems to be a bit of confusion on this... (I'll highlight the area I think is causing the confusion)

"Right this moment, Iím the only resource PVP gets. My job is to figure out if I can find a way to improve the entire system in a way that does not impact development of the rest of the game in any significant way. Itís going to be a challenge to put it mildly, but Iím going to try. Iím going to do my best to make PVP a viable STO gameplay feature that appeals to a much larger audience than it does now."

"Right this moment" is the important bit here. I meant right now, as in today and most likely over the next couple of weeks.

I didn't mean I'm all your going to get or I'm going to be doing everything all by myself. That's not the way things work at a game company.

PVP having a dedicated person that "owns" it is a very big thing. There aren't that many things in STO that really have a dedicated person assigned to them. In fact PVP is really just one of three I can think of.

DOFF's - Heretic
STF's - Me
PVP - Me

It means that I can go to a producer and say "I really need a few days of programmer time to add feature XYZ to PVP" and as long as it's a reasonable request It will happen.

It means I can go over to the systems team and say "Hey I'm seeing reports of xyz causing issues in PVP" and they will look into it and get back to me with an answer.

It means I can go over to Dan and say "I really need these 4 new maps added to PVP with the next seasonal update, and they will get added to the schedule."

All of these things are something that PVP has never had and I believe it will make a huge difference.
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
Before I was given PVP I had other day to day and week to week tasks that filled out my schedule. I had STF's and other stuff. That other stuff is being moved off of my plate to other new content designers. Which by the way is a answer to another question I noticed earlier, the fact that we now have a few more people in the design department is a direct result of PWE. If we didn't have additional staff, this wouldn't be happening.

Oh and for the record... I asked to be given PVP, it wasn't forced on me. I personally think it has a great deal of potential, it just needs attention.

oh my. 10char

"I see lots of threads about KDF players having access to gear that FED players do not. This isnít going to be a problem in the new system since their will not be any FED vs KDF PVP. All PVP in the new system will be cross faction queues."

What gear? you mean the consoles? The sets? What? Can anyone else tell me what he is talking about?

Cross Faction q's? you mean FvF and KvK? Or do you mean it will all be RANDOM?

Changes that appeal to the masses eh or take it out? Thats our choices?
The masses though the maco shields were fine. Why does this worry me?

TO Goz

Thanks for putting it straight, bluntly and to the point though. I realize no questions may be answered till monday but this is communication and communication usually breeds progress.


LOL Its sinking in. Take it or No pvp Oh man. Not what I truly was expecting.

What does this all mean?? AHHH more questions!!!!