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05-11-2012, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
PvP needs two major things to be popular (or at least as popular as its going to get).

1) It needs to be fun
2) Rewards and incentives.

1. may seem somewhat obvious but fun covers a wide range of things. I've always found PvP to be fun. I doubt people would be here in the PvP section if they did not enjoy it on some level, but its obvious that their is something wrong with the current set up if no one is playing. You can only play the same maps so many times before it gets boring. Therefore there always needs to be new maps and new game types being introduced. If we can get one or two new maps a season then it would be infinitely better than what we have now. New game types are also important to stop it going stale.

Game types like:

Death match - Best of say 5 or 7 games. Each player has one life and the last team left standing wins the game, until someone gets the best of the series.

King of the hill - one team must defend a location while the others try to attack and conquer it with a time limit.

Capture and Hold - same as we have now, but add a time limit as they can sometimes go on for way too long.

Capture the flag. Find a flag on the map and bring it back to your base before the enemy can intercept you.

Arena. Normal match that we have now. best of 15 kills or 30 kills.

Shuttle PvP. It's tons of fun and should have an easy option to get into.

PvE vs PvP. this can be anything but esentially there is a pve objective at the centre of the map that needs claiming. it will be defended by pve enemies. both teams have to win the objective while trying to stop each other. sort of like ker'rat just thought out a little better.

Territory war - the holy grail of PvP. A large area of zone devoted to pvp. It would have shifting borders as places are captured and defended.

2. Now onto rewards. MMO players often need an incentive to play. while PvP is easier to grind because each match is different, a lot of people need it to be just more than fun.

Scoreboards PvP players are competitive by nature. They need to see how they are doing compared to other players.

Unique loot. Why play PvP if you can get the exact same stuff by doing PvE? Have sets, costumes, item, consoles etc that can only be earned in PvP.

Reward winning but don't punish losing. PvP can be very hard to win. You can play 10 games and get trounced because the other side is just better than you. There should be no shame in losing unlike in PvE. The winning side should be rewarded for winning their matches but the losing side should not feel like their efforts have been for nought. Using the STF's as an example. Give one EDC (or what ever it would be) to the losers, but 2 or 3 to the winners. Therefore its more productive to win but does not put bad or weaker players off from ever playing it again.

More accolades and trophies. Back to the competitive side of things, people will enjoy showing off their trophies for kills won, or damage dealt or by having done something impressive. Some cool trophies would give people something to aim for and to get batter at.

Fleet starbases. Tie fleet starbases in there somewhere. Perhaps unique areas for collecting trophies or places that display leader boards, or special crafting areas designed around pvp players. Perhaps full on starbase attack and defence missions.

Finally I want to say that while having cross faction queues only is not ideal, it probably is a good idea. It will make it easier to start games and should make it a little more interesting. Perhaps a theme can be built on it, as wargames under the Omega Force training program.

PvP can be saved and can become an important part of this game. It just needs to be enjoyable and worthwhile.
All of these ideas are great. I hope you implant some if not all of them. You will be my best frend. Thank you for giving us these updates!

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