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05-11-2012, 07:48 PM
Hmm...I know I don't want to see PVP ever taken out of STO.. Changing the systems that have needed it for the last 2 Years is a good thing I agree.

Changing the biggest and largest issue (FvK/FvF/FvK) into being just a single PVP Que where Fed and Klingon can Que up in the random ques together and get teamed up together sounds cool. Though I have to wonder what this means for Organized Teams in the Ques.. Hmm..

That information is a HUGE Bombshell. I only hope that it isn't set so that only Private Ques allow for Cross Faction Organized PVPing.

Honestly I wish you luck Gozer. Now you at least see just how big of a task this has become. If only we would have had you on the job ALOT sooner we might have gotten some of these changes done by now and maybe would have had a fun place to PVP.. Let's hope this time next year it's an excelent one.