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05-11-2012, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
After reading your post, two things immediately come to mind for a response:

1. While it's good that you're allowing cross-faction PVP, doesn't this defeat the purpose of "reviving" the Fed vs KDF war in S6? Wouldn't PVP be one of the best ways to revive that? Again, I'm all for cross-faction pvp, but I'm not sure removing FvK is a good idea

You've definitely got your work cut out for you, Gozer, and I don't really envy your position. I do wish you the best of luck though.
I would agree that allowing cross-faction PVP would go agains the idea of the Fed/Kingon war, however I also think that the sheer numbers make this a must. If I remember the numbers correctly Fed players out number the KDF something like 8:1. This ratio alone means that has to be a lot more Fed v.s. Fed PVP in order for the Fed players to actually want to PVP. Let's face it one of the big problems right now is that you have to que for a long time some days to get a PVP match going in the first place.
I also realize that this was a problem in other MMO's, just look at a lot of TOR servers and a lot of Imperial players are sick of PVP'ing aginst imp's, but again that's because there are so many more Imp players than there are republic players on a lot of servers.
As for the question of gear, I'm not sure what a lot of the complaints are regarding, sure the Kink's have access to some "special" consoles the Federation doesn't have access to, but that also goes in reverse. Outside of that both Fed and Klink have access to the same gear.
Speaking of gear, and I know this would be a long term project, but what about looking at specific PVP gear sets that give bonuses in PVP only, that way there is an incentive for players to earn that gear and use it in PVP. This would negate the need for players to use special consoles from C-Store ships and help even ensure that PVP fights have similiar types of gear.
Anyway Gozer regardless of what you do, good luck, it's not going to be an easy road and there are going to be people as you say that are either going to be happy or angry. At the end of the day hopefully PVP can be saved and made an appealing aspect to the game.