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05-11-2012, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
What gear? you mean the consoles? The sets? What? Can anyone else tell me what he is talking about?

Cross Faction q's? you mean FvF and KvK? Or do you mean it will all be RANDOM?

Changes that appeal to the masses eh or take it out? Thats our choices?
The masses though the maco shields were fine. Why does this worry me?!
I suspect he's referring to any faction-exclusive gear of any kind which is commonly used in PvP, including consoles.

He clearly says there's going to be no more FvK PvP, which only leaves FvF and KvK as possibilities--unless I'm misunderstanding. If they are removing FvK for the sake of factional balance issues, then it doesn't logically follow that they'd then somehow allow for F+KvK+F. Admittedly, this is rather unfortunate, but I suppose it will make the issue of factional balance a much more simple matter, which may yet produce some silver lining.

I've brought this up before, but most don't seem to have an appreciation for it's significance--development time/resources are not going to be diverted to elements of the game which are negligible with regard to their appeal to the broader player base, it's really not complicated. It's no surprise at all that Goz brought this up; it's simply a fact of life with regard to game development. Such resources are finite, they aren't going to be wasted on something which only appeals to a marginal percentage of their playerbase when they could instead be used to develop that which may appeal to an exponentially larger majority of their playerbase.

Many people don't seem to grasp this, unfortunately; but it's really to be expected.


In any case, a weekly Friday update is an appreciated effort, and I suspect it may go a long way with many players (though there will forever be no pleasing some).

I'm honestly not too surprised by most of what has been said in the OP, and I wish you luck in your task of developing a viable, practical, and efficient way to save PvP, that proper development time and resources may be diverted toward it.