Thread: Orion Slavers?
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05-11-2012, 09:06 PM
I've gotten a few different commodities with the Green Slavers, plus 300 e-cr. I've also gotten a few Contraband with the Blue Slavers. I don't really need any of that, but I'll take it.

As has been pointed out, though, their use is mainly for shield stripping, IMO. The Beam Arrays are good for it. Better than the dual cannons on the Advanced To'duj, IMO.

Paired with the Slavers, my Advanced BoP pets can make better use of their Quantum Torpedos. I enjoyed running the Slavers with the Green BoPs so much, I had to get the Advanced BoPs.

/this is why you want a real Carrier, Starfleet, and not the Flight Deck Cruisers. You can stack pets to work together & not just run the ball o' fighters hangar bay.