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05-11-2012, 09:32 PM
Originally Posted by edwarlord
I guess you misread.
It won't be cross-faction if Bajor joins the FED. In which case it will be in the C-Store under Federation starships. If they don't join then it will be cross-faction since cardassians have used it as well, as frieghters.

As for being obsolete. The B'rel is an obsolete design but it was brought back and with Retrofit slapped on and made VA rank viable. I'm sure Cryptic can make the Bajoran starship VA viable too. Just look at the D'Kora. When did Ferengi ever get military advantage/smarts, lol. A lot of leeway going on
I'm watching old episodes of TNG, up to the Klingon arc where the Duras sisters are trying to control the council, the B'Rel class is seen taking on a Vor'cha pretty easily, now these look like bigger B'Rel's than the original series and they don't fold their wings down but they are B'Rels. Since the Vorcha is a Tier 4/5 ship like the Galaxy I'd say they are a current ship.