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05-12-2012, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by Eulif_Davis
That's easier to overcome than you think. I object to the existence of "redesigns" of older (some MUCH older) vessels in the game. I also object to ships such as the Intrepid existing at top-tier. At MOST, a "TNG-era" ship should stop at Tier 4.

This is the future's future. Anything we saw on-screen should be out-dated by now, and should not be considered the "best". As such, they shouldn't be setup and sold as such.
Sorry, but the reality of the situation is if you eliminate the older styles of Star Trek ships, you alienate a vast amount of your player base, i.e. Enterprise and TOS fans. Therefore, those ships will not go away from a gameplay point of view.

From a realism point of view, my argument is this: The Excalibur-class is a cruiser, not a Heavy cruiser but a cruiser just the same. Size-wise it's roughly the same length as an Intrepid and therefore should have similar hit points. Just because it's lower tier doesn't mean it should be completely discarded and utterly unusable at higher levels.

Eve Online made multiple classes of ships. Each with their own unique bonuses and drawbacks: Interceptors, Frigates, Light cruisers, standard cruisers, battlecruisers, destroyers, dreadnaughts, carriers and even some special varients of each class. Obviously the lower your character's level was, the smaller your ship was. But if you liked flying Intercpetors, as you leveled up you could specialize in that type of craft. Being max level didn't render flying an interceptor obsolete. They still played a vital role in fleets and had their own specialized builds that required strategy to overcome. Something we can all agree which is seriously lacking in this game.

THAT is the argument we are making. With all of the varieties of ships available in Trek-lore, regardless of the era they originally came from, the devs should be able to come up with a way to integrate ALL of them into this game with relative ease and NOT force players to discard them.

I understand your argument that this is the 25th century, what's a 23rd century relic doing fighting against the Borg. But (and props to the Dev who had the fore thought to come up with this) making a 25th century cruiser eliminates the ancient technology argument, and still allows the players to fly ships that look like the ones they still know and love.

On a side note, I don't know how long you've been with this game, but some of the original "new ships of line" cryptic invented were downright hideous. I'm not saying new ships (like the Odessey) shouldn't be in existance, just that the other ship classes should have their specilized roles far more refined (or even diversified) and they should serve a specific purpose, beyond existing to let you play levels 20-30.