Thread: Orion Slavers?
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05-12-2012, 03:55 AM
In my first day of using the advanced slavers, I got 32 contraband. That was from three STFs and the four Empire Defense dailies. That's it. They've also stolen plenty of lesser commodities that I just immediately recycled so I never saw the total amount on most of those, but it was pretty decent. I did keep the 15 medical supplies they stole since they're fairly useful for DOff missions. They aren't very good at stealing ECs though, as they only ever stole 300-400 ECs & did so infrequently at that.

If you're running slavers for their ability to steal, it's worth running two hangars. I run two & have my Vo'quv fit with pure torps & mines, and the damage has been good as long as I can keep my target in my forward arc. Aux to Damp and Grav Well keep smaller targets in front of me, and anything too big for Grav Well to affect is generally too slow to move out of my firing arc anyway.