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05-12-2012, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
Made functional how?
If you mean by sliding doors, no, for the same reason that Tumerboy cited above regarding the glass doors.

If you mean functional as in it "transports" you to a different part of the map, also no. (This would be a fairly huge tech change.) The best you could do is fake it by creating duplicate maps and putting a map transfer from one to the other, using spawn points and stuff.
Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
Functional? How?

ETA: Reread the OP, do you mean make the doors work? Those doors are set up the same way as all of the other moving doors in the map, all of which had to be removed, because they can't open.

So. . . I could remove the doors entirely, but I think that would look bad on a Turbolift, I'd rather leave them closed.


ZZZZZEEEERRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :::shakes fist:::

The limitations of this foundry are infuriating considering half of these limitations were overcome in most map editors in the early 2000's. Thanks Zero for the old school work a round idea thou.

Tumerboy without you instantly chaining me to a stake and burning me alive at the very suggestion/idea of this, here goes. Is there any chance or plan that you might make a variation of the Utopia Planitia map were it is just the empty map without any of the props in it so that we could customize it to make it look like different levels or the same facility without them all being identical. Also the possibility of the empty UPS map and variation with just generic starfleet/federation insignia instead of the UPS ones?

One idea I had that would be really awesome for that map is making it the upper levels of a larger multi level colony facility.

I know those modifications would be a mid to long term process, but I think with how amazing the ups map looks that it would be perfect for a broader generic map as well.

Hope I explained what I meant well enough for this to make some kind of sense.