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05-12-2012, 09:25 AM
wow thats alot of info ok so here goes

Manx - Having 2 copies of CRF is a pretty common move; I'd give that a try,

wouldnt they share a CD??

yogurt21 - 3rd move the borg console into a sci slot and pick up a neutronium alloy console for the resist. Right now you've taken your already few eng slots and filled them up with things that don't add to survivability.

I tried the alloy didnt seem to add to my survivability at all. Also the cloak may not add survivability but adds DPS when i decloak.

Shar487 - Another issue are the OP's chosen weapons: Base Mk XI purples, none using [Borg] 7500 radiation bonus damage

I do have some of these. Never seen em proc or maybe we dont see the proc i dont know.


Heres my respec option ive been working on let me know what you think

ive been debating removing sensors altogether and putting it in armor. Ive decided i will drop the Qcannons for another set of dual heavies. I will keep the Dual Beam Bank for the beam overload though

EDIT: forgot to mention on the subject of turrets im thinking about gettin the thunderchild one my only concern is that on occasion i want a hvy plasma to hit me so i can drop a cube quick any1 know if it can be temporarily turned off?