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05-12-2012, 09:31 AM
Thanks again for the answer.

I've just tested again a few seconds ago with latest patch (live server), and skipping EPS Power Transfer skill this time so PTR does have minimum impact.

Tested also with only 2 and 3 beams firing, so the UI can update faster.

With same setup as my last post (Sovereign with 121 Weap. Power), first test was 2 beams, draining power to 111 as expected, 3 beams to 101.

Using EPtW1 resulted in constant 125 power even when firing 2 beams (small spikes of 124-123, returning to 125 almost instantly), and drained only down to to 114 when firing 3 beams (116 is what I expected, but again, it's a close match, and much higher than the previous test without EPtW1).

For me and my setup, I can confirm EPtW1 does indeed have huge impact on my power levels even when having near-cap weapon power (121 on this test, 123 on my usual STF setup).

Using MACO Shield and stacking buff to +10 Power Levels, plus Plasma manifold/Borg set consoles (Weapon Power displayed 125, theoretical 139), resulted in no drain at all firing 2 beams (power still displayed at 125, with small drop-downs to 124), and drained down to 118 minimum firing 3 beams, (no skills activated).

So, again, for my setup at least, seems 125 is only the absolute cap for calculating Max Weapon damage, but multiple-beam drain can indeed be mitigated by pushing power higher than this threshold.