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There are quite a few people who don't play Cap and Hold and only play arena. Mainly:
  • They don't find cap and hold engaging. Sitting and capping isn't fun.
  • Sometimes games take far too long.
  • Other people don't want to contribute and just shoot at people. (when I play cap and hold, this is me)

In terms of making capping more 'fun':
  • More feedback. Have an actual cap meter that shows progress as opposed to the vague graphical representation.
  • Make capping more important. You can do this by adding bonuses to different cap points. For example:
    • Controlling the shipyard could slowly spawn a dreadnought. This would also have a visible progress meter. This can be interrupted by decapping the shipyard.
    • Controlling sensor array can add a significant sensor and stealth detect bonus for your team.
    • Lab can add a team wide 15% damage buff, or maybe a 5% CritH buff.
    • Refinery can add a team wide 15% health buff, or perhaps a buff to resists.

In terms of games taking too long:
  • Add a timer :p

In terms of making things more fun for people who want to pew:
  • Just like with STFs, make the respawn timer increase with more deaths. Make killing and dieing more meaningful!
  • Include an alternate way to win. You can win from influence, or you can win from destroying the enemy base.

Hope this helps, Goz