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05-12-2012, 09:46 AM
Graphical representation of a cap meter--much more informative than the current--is a good idea.

Implementing objective perks can be good, but only when they serve a larger objective-based purpose within the map. Just adding flat (rather large) buffs is going to create problems. And for as much as people whine about PvE in their PvP, I'm surprised to see a Dreadnought mentioned.

I don't really think a timer is needed in CnH maps; that's kind of what the points are for.

Increasing respawn per death will just make games incredibly one-sided from the first engagement on, more often than not. This is particularly true for a CnH map where every moment not flipping a point is a benefit to your opponents.

Not sure I like the alternate idea either; what's the point of CnH if you're not actually capturing and holding? Now CnH in order to 'unlock' a base assault might be interesting, a la Isle of Conquest--though this wasn't particularly my favorite BG, it had some interesting elements. In this way you could integrate your Dreadnought in an interesting way, to defend the base once it has been made vulnerable.